Compression garments

Dercums is a chronic disease so all treatments are palliative, and there has been a number of people who thinks that compression garments give relief from pain.

Swelling during the day

I can only speak for myself, and I know that my bra can fit me in the morning, but during the day, it gets like 10cm to small. Many Dercums-women feels a Ahh-bra or something like it is best, but I have really large breasts, so I need more support.

The swelling comes from lymph, and one of the theories about Dercums Disease is, that it is infact a lymphatic disease. If the lymph does not work, the fat tissue encapsulates waste in the body – giving us the extreme amount of lipomas.

Pressure or compression garments

You can find compression garments cheap on wish, or you can have them made to fit your body. I have tried some for the upper arms from Wish, and they did help some, but after a white they started to irritate me.

I know that some dercums-patients get full body compression garments, and this makes their lives a lot easier and less painful.

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