6 Ways To Get Rid Of Lactic Acid After Exercise

6 ways to get rid of lactic acid after exercise

Lactic acid is produced in the muscles during anaerobic (without oxygen) exercise when the body is converting glucose into energy.

Dercums disease has been linked to an impairment in the lymph system’s ability to remove lactic acid, making us susceptible to severe discomfort after even minor activities like walking and stretching.

Why does even low-impact exercise cause pain for Dercum’s patients?

This is not an easy answer, and the field is not thoroughly studied. But

  • Physical activity can cause a buildup of lactic acid, which triggers pain.
  • Fatigue, a primary symptom, is induced by muscle work, especially after days in pain with poor mobility. Fatigue and pain may begin a few minutes after a Dercum patient starts exercising or doing any activity that requires movement.

The pain is usually described as “stabbing,” “shooting,” or “burning.” The severity can range from mild to incapacitating. The pain can last anywhere from a few minutes to hours or even days.

How to get rid of lactic acid?

Here are my recommended 6 ways to get rid of lactic acid:

  1. The vibration plate is my go-to solution for any muscle pain. I recommend you give it a try. I even lost a little weight from daily using the machine.
  2. Prophylaxis: The best way to get rid of lactic acid is by training – the more you train, the better your system adapts and processes lactic acid. A little bit of exercise every day is perfect for the body. But make sure it is very low impact if you suffer from Dercums!
  3. Betaine may help reduce lactic acid buildup, but studies are not consistent.
  4. Eat anti-inflammatory food: My personal experience is that not eating sugar, wheat, and other high-carb foods make a difference in lactic acid build from muscle work.
  5. Use TENS: A TENS unit is a very good investment if you are diagnosed with dercums. Teens help stretch your muscles and increase blood flow, which will help with lactic acid removal.
  6. Stretch after exercise: I know this will not help all, and stretching alone can cause pain. But I encourage you to give it a try, it may help.

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