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Dercums Disease Alternative Treatments: How to Fight Your Chronic Condition naturally

Dercums disease is a chronic condition that affects the adipose tissues of the body. This article will discuss dercums disease alternative treatments and herbs to help fight your dercum’s symptoms. 1. Homeopathic treatment Homeopathic treatments can be good for dercums disease because they don’t contain any chemicals or drugs that can make the disease worse.

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Update on my medicine

I went to the hospital for at check up on the lymphatic swelling in my face last weekend, and got some new medications to try. Furosemide 40mg I got some furosemide 40mg and tried out half a tablet, with very good effect. It lasted about three days, so this is a huge improvement for me.

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Compression garments

Dercums is a chronic disease so all treatments are palliative, and there has been a number of people who thinks that compression garments give relief from pain. Swelling during the day I can only speak for myself, and I know that my bra can fit me in the morning, but during the day, it gets

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Yoga for dercums


Here is an easy low impact yoga session that almost anyone can do. The yoga class starts 15 minutes into the video

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Welcome to Dercums Disease

Hi thank you for visiting my new site. If you check out the categories, you will find all about the website and the intention behind it. This site is supposed to provide information for patients and people who wonder if they might suffer from Dercums Disease.Please notice that the admin is no medical expert, but

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