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Dercums Disease Alternative Treatments: How to Fight Your Chronic Condition naturally

Dercums disease is a chronic condition that affects the adipose tissues of the body. This article will discuss dercums disease alternative treatments and herbs to help fight your dercum’s symptoms. 1. Homeopathic treatment Homeopathic treatments can be good for dercums disease because they don’t contain any chemicals or drugs that can make the disease worse. …

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Update on my medicine

I went to the hospital for at check up on the lymphatic swelling in my face last weekend, and got some new medications to try. Furosemide 40mg I got some furosemide 40mg and tried out half a tablet, with very good effect. It lasted about three days, so this is a huge improvement for me. …

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Guide to Vegetarian Keto

Do you think that keto diets are full of saturated fat and that one can not get a healthy alternative at all? So read on here and get wiser on vegetarian keto! Keto is the most recommended diet if you suffer from a fat disorder like Dercums Disease. I have been on it for quite …

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What Dercums Disease look like

In most cases, you can’t even tell, that a person have Dercums Disease. But sometimes, if you look carefully, you will se bumps in the skin, revealing some big lipomas. Dercums Disease has lots of symptoms, but most of them are not visible. It is one of those diseases, that many people don’t even believe …

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Get help with your diet

Get help with your keto diet One thing that has really helped me, is switching to a keto diet. But it was not easy! I did everything wrong, and I would not put this on anybody else.  Get help

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