Dercums Disease

What Dercums Disease look like

In most cases, you can’t even tell, that a person have Dercums Disease. But sometimes, if you look carefully, you will se bumps in the skin, revealing some big lipomas. Dercums Disease has lots of symptoms, but most of them are not visible. It is one of those diseases, that […]

Inexplicable disproportionate weight gain

In this blogpost I will share my own history of inexplicable weight gain, because my story seems to be a text book example of Dercums Disease weight gain. Inexplicable fat indeed I started gaining weight while my son was little, and I had a huge focus on healthy food. I […]

How does Dercums pain feel?

As always, I can only speak for myself, but I have read a lot about other patients, and there seems to be a pattern in how we feel pain. Lactic Acid feeling Most of my pains feel like lactic acid after a long run or workout. I use to be […]

Get help with your diet

Get help with your keto diet One thing that has really helped me, is switching to a keto diet. But it was not easy! I did everything wrong, and I would not put this on anybody else.  Get help

Compression garments

Dercums is a chronic disease so all treatments are palliative, and there has been a number of people who thinks that compression garments give relief from pain. Swelling during the day I can only speak for myself, and I know that my bra can fit me in the morning, but […]

Anxiety and Dercums

One of the really tuff symptoms on Dercums Disease is anxiety. It does feel a little different from normal anxiety – so I feel anyway. I can of course only speak for myself. I know anxiety is a big part of how Dercums influence my daily life, and I have […]

Documentary about Jake Tate

Not only women gets Dercums Disease, and often men are not overweight.  Watch this documentary about Jake Tate, who was a fit soldier, when the disease broke out. I to find that lipomas gets worse and new occur from physical work and training.  I don’t think the lipomas are very […]


Here is an easy low impact yoga session that almost anyone can do. The yoga class starts 15 minutes into the video

Debbie Knoblauch´s personal story

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Lipomas – What is Dercums Lipomas?

The primary symptom of Derecums Disease is lipomas, or lumps as some like to call them.Lipomas are made of fat and Dercums Disease is a fat disorder, often accompanied by lipedema and or lymphedema. How normal are lipomas? Lipomas are very normal and many people live with them, without ever […]


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