Update on my medicine

I went to the hospital for at check up on the lymphatic swelling in my face last weekend, and got some new medications to try.

Furosemide 40mg

I got some furosemide 40mg and tried out half a tablet, with very good effect. It lasted about three days, so this is a huge improvement for me.

Metformin 500mg

I also got Metformin and I think I feel some relief already. I know it is very soon, and I have a lot of side effects that are really uncomfortable. But I am starting to feel some hope about the future with less pain. Metformin is an experimental drug for dercums and made for diabetics. I do not have diabetes, but many with dercums do. Link to study

Because of the side effects I am only on one tablet for now, but I am supposed to gradually increase the dose to 2g a day.

Imipramin 10mg

This is a very low dose antidepressant that are known to help chronic pain. In my case, I had so many side effects, that I had to stop immediately. Inner turmail, heavy tinnitus, headache, feeling very angry and depressed made me stop.

Paracetamol 1g

I have tried paracetamol before, but not on a regular basis, with 1g four times a day. I am not sure about the effect since I take Metformin too, but maybe it has a positive influence too.

I was also suggested to Saxenda but refused. I have been on Saxenda before, and I believe it was what made dercums escalate in my body. Before that, I had some lipomas that were not really hurting me, but during that time I got so many new ones. Many doctors are starting to prescribe Saxenda as a treatment for dercums, and I don’t know if I am the only one with this experience.

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