Dercums Disease

Read about Dercums Disease, my personal storry and all we can learn about the disease from the internet.

What Dercums Disease look like

In most cases, you can’t even tell, that a person have Dercums Disease. But sometimes, if you look carefully, you will se bumps in the skin, revealing some big lipomas. Dercums Disease has lots of symptoms, but most of them are not visible. It is one of those diseases, that many people don’t even believe …

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Get help with your diet

Get help with your keto diet One thing that has really helped me, is switching to a keto diet. But it was not easy! I did everything wrong, and I would not put this on anybody else.  Get help

Welcome to Dercums Disease

Hi thank you for visiting my new site. If you check out the categories, you will find all about the website and the intention behind it. This site is supposed to provide information for patients and people who wonder if they might suffer from Dercums Disease.Please notice that the admin is no medical expert, but …

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