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Compression garments

Dercums is a chronic disease so all treatments are palliative, and there has been a number of people who thinks that compression garments give relief from pain. Swelling during the day I can only speak for myself, and I know that my bra can fit me in the morning, but during the day, it gets

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symptom of dercums, anxiety

Anxiety and Dercums

One of the really tuff symptoms on Dercums Disease is anxiety. It does feel a little different from normal anxiety – so I feel anyway. I can of course only speak for myself. I know anxiety is a big part of how Dercums influence my daily life, and I have to work on it constantly,

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Dercums Disease

Lipomas – What is Dercums Lipomas?

Lipomas are very normal and many people live with them, without ever really noticing them. Normal lipomas do not hurt (other than occasionally) or make any difference, for people without Dercums Disease. Some people even have many lipomas, without having Dercums. Another possible reason to have many lipomas is Multiple Lipomatosis. About 1% of all

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Welcome to Dercums Disease

Hi thank you for visiting my new site. If you check out the categories, you will find all about the website and the intention behind it. This site is supposed to provide information for patients and people who wonder if they might suffer from Dercums Disease.Please notice that the admin is no medical expert, but

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