What to eat

Food is medicine, and for Dercums Disease that is true. It is very important not to put on weight and stay as healthy as possible.

Guide to Vegetarian Keto

Do you think that keto diets are full of saturated fat and that one can not get a healthy alternative at all? So read on here and get wiser on vegetarian keto! Keto is the most recommended diet if you suffer from a fat disorder like Dercums Disease. I have been on it for quite […]

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keto and dercums disease

Keto vegetables

I believe vegetables is the most important component of our diet, if we want to stay as healthy as possible. For me food is medicine, and I fight this horrible disease every day, by eating (almost) only good thing. Since Dercums is a fat-disorder, it makes sense to try to stay on fat as a

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