Keto vegetables

keto and dercums disease

I believe vegetables is the most important component of our diet, if we want to stay as healthy as possible.
For me food is medicine, and I fight this horrible disease every day, by eating (almost) only good thing.
Since Dercums is a fat-disorder, it makes sense to try to stay on fat as a fuel, instead of burning sugar.
I combine a ketogenic lifestyle with intermittent fasting, and this actually makes me lose weight.

To avoid most carbohydrates:

  • Don´t eat: Below ground vegetables like potato, sweet potato and carrot. They are high in carbs!
  • Do eat: Almost any vegetables that grows above ground, but there are exceptions as listed below.

Tomatoes and bell peppers (especially red and yellow) should be eaten in small portions, as they are a little high in carbs.

Onion can be used only as seasoning.

Be careful with brussels sprouts and green beans, they are high in carbs to, and should only be eaten occasionally.

If you want to be safe from carbs without counting them, then stick to green vegetables. If a vegetable comes in different colors, then go for the green version, as they tend to be lower in carbs. This goes for kale, peppers and cabbage etc.

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