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Many years before I was diagnosed with Dercums, I started to develop a strange metallic taste in my mouth. A dentist told me I had Lingua Geografica or Geographic Tongue or benign migratory glossitis in English. It is a disease with no cure. I have had it for more than ten years, but it is not always bad.

I am doing this post because I have noticed, that a lot of dercums patients in Facebook groups talk about this strange thing happening to their tongue, so I´m not the only one having it.

The symptoms of geographic tongue

Some have no symptoms other than the strange-looking tongue (look for gallery later in the post).

Others, like me, have a metallic taste in the mouth, that can be quite overwhelming. It can be hard to taste other flavors. The taste sometimes comes with a burning sensation in the front of the tongue. It is not bad, but it can make relaxing the mouth and tongue quite tricky.

What causes a geographic tongue?

Doctors aren’t sure what causes geographic tongue but estimate that 3% has it. Some of the reasons are said to be:

  • Vitamin deficiencies
  • Allergies
  • Emotional stress
  • Other diseases like psoriasis and diabetes (Dercums?)

Some pharmaceutical products like birth control pills that contain female hormones are also under suspicion of inducing it. Source link

If you haven’t already, get your folic acid, zinc, iron, and vitamins B6 and B12 levels checked because this can cause the disease.

Poor immune defense

My personal experience is that the geographic tongue is connected to my immune system. When if feel bad, or there is a lot of pollen or anything else I respond to, then I´m sure to get it. I don´t have any of the causes, not even allergies – I just sometimes respond to many allergens.

Some doctors say that Dercums Disease is an autoimmune disease, and this will probably explain all my immune responses including the geographical tongue.

Cure for Lingua Geografica

I found my own relife for it, but it is not really something I can recommend, since it may be bad for you – there are so many options on it. But anyway, I will mention it. It is colloidal silver (affiliate link with discount). I rinse my mouth in it two to three times a day and spit out. Some people use colloidal silver as a natural antibiotic and think it is safe. I don’t, but please look into it before you use it.
I am not really happy to use it, but it makes it go away and to me, the taste geographical tongue is sometimes unbarring. It does sadly return the next time I get sick.

There is, as far as I know, no medical treatment for it. I was told it would disappear again, but I have had it for more than ten years, and it never disappears without colloidal silver.

What does Geographic Tongue look like?

It is always surprising how the tongue looks like if you have this disease.
Some Days it can be covered in almost yellow fungus looking stuff, and other days it can be read splotches in white or natural-looking surfaces.

Fortunately the disease is not contagious!

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