Documentary about Jake Tate

Not only women gets Dercums Disease, and often men are not overweight. 

Watch this documentary about Jake Tate, who was a fit soldier, when the disease broke out.

I to find that lipomas gets worse and new occur from physical work and training. 

I don’t think the lipomas are very well presented in this video, they seem almost photoshopped and nothing like mine. Please refer to the post about Lipomas for more info on this subject.




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  1. I just came across this web page when I was looking up information about Dercums Disease, I am so happy to have found you. It is amazing all the information you have provided. I have been suffering from lipomas since I was in my 20’s, started out with just a few. but as I got closer to the 40’s they started growing rapidly. I have had about 10 on my arms removed by the dermatalogist , some grow back, some don’t. Not one medical doctor could name this Disease, or the condition with which I am sure that I have now.
    Wow , I am 64 now , I am thrilled to have an actual Name for this condition. and to know their are some Healthcare professionals who know about it.
    I am a retired Physical Therapist, BA. I worked 32 years in this field of health care, I came across a few women that manifested these symptoms /with multiple lipomas, and pain that goes along with it, and depression. I wish I could have known than what to share with these people.
    I am going to try some the natural homeopathic recommendations. I have always excecised and try to eat fairly healthy, but it gets harder as I get older. We must never give up. I turn to humor to coup with the disfiguring bumps/ and sometimes pain. I called : LBS. Lumpy Body Syndrome. I am Just one of those Lumpy Lumpy Ladies.
    anyhow I guess I have written enough. Would love to chat with you , its always a good thing to share with others that have the same problems.
    Thank you for your work/ research.
    Cindy Forsgren Oregon, USA

  2. Oh by the way I did not get a way to see the documentry about Jake Tate. I would really like to see this and know about his experience, How can I see this , I did not see a place to click and watch it.
    Cindy Forsgren

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